Ayesha Nadeem Choudhary* and Fizza Tahir

National Institute of Food Science and Technology, Faculty of Food Nutrition and Home Sciences, University of Agriculture, Faisalabad-38040, Pakistan

*Corresponding author:

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Choudhary AN and Tahir F, 2023. The therapeutic effect of Gymnema sylvestre extract against hyperglycemia: In vivo study. Agrobiological Records 14: 50-58.


As is well known, today's population in both developed and developing nations participates in fewer physical activities. The problem of obesity is growing as a result of these unhealthy routines or a lack of physical activity, which further contributes to numerous chronic diseases including diabetes and heart disease. The positive modifications in physical activity and nutrition, such as consuming foods with a low glycemic index and high fiber content, aid in the reduction of certain chronic illnesses. In addition, incorporating functional foods into your diet is essential for achieving certain health objectives. Gymnema sylvestre is said to as a mystical plant. Gymnema is a special plant that has some fantastic benefits for treating diabetes mellitus. With their remarkable antihyperglycemic capabilities, the leaves stems, flowers, and fine powder of this plant have a powerful effect on elevated blood glycemic load by bringing it down to a normal range. Along with its antihyperglycemic properties, this medicinal plant was crucial in maintaining a person's excess weight and high lipid levels. Gymnema sylvestre leaves were used in this study to explore the herb's potential for treating hyperglycemia, and an ethanolic extract of the leaves was created specifically for this purpose. The therapeutic impact of Gymnema sylvestre leaves against hyperglycemia was examined in this study using both the powder and extract forms of the plant's leaves. In this study, several blood parameters were examined to see how different Gymnema sylvestre dosages affected the hyperglycemia-fighting ability of the herb. Selected data were subjected to various statistical analyses to determine the degree of significance.

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  • Volume : 14 (Oct-Dec 2023)
  • Pages : 50-58