Unique Scientific Publishers

1. Promotion of science culture by conducting seminars/conferences/workshops.
2. Publication of scientific journals.
3. Publication of scientific books/magazines.
4. Editing and language improvement of scientific manuscripts, theses and reports.
5. Provision of scientific data analysis
1: Agrobiological Records ISSN: 2708-7190 (online); 2708-7182 (print)
2: International Journal of Veterinary Science ISSN: 2305-4360 (online); 2304-3075 (print)
3: International Journal of Agriculture and Biosciences ISSN: 2306-3599 (online); 2305-6622 (print)
1: Veterinary Pathobiology and Public Health (Published) ISBN: 978-969-2201-00-1
2: Animal Health Perspectives Volume I (Published) ISBN: 978-969-2201-01-8
3: Animal Health Perspectives Volume II (Published) ISBN: 978-969-2201-04-9
4: Sustainable Bioeconomy in Livestock and Crop Production (Published) ISBN: 978-969-2201-02-5
5: Remote Sensing & GIS Integration in Veterinary, Agricultural and Health Sciences (Published) ISBN: ISBN: 978-969-2201-03-2
6: One Health Triad (Under process) ISBN: Applied
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