Precious N. Okebugwu ,1,*, Eunice T. Ayeni ,2, Prosper C. Okebugwu ,3 and Eniola O. Kolawole ,4

1Madonna University Elele Rivers State, Nigeria 2Federal University of Technololgy, Akure, Nigeria 3V.n Karazin National Medical University, Ukraine 4Ahmadu Bello University Zaria Kaduna State, Nigeria

*Corresponding author:

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Okebugwu PN, Ayeni ET, Okebugwu PC and Kolawole EO, 2023. Aging: A systematic review on the correlation between geriatric diseases and prostate cancer. Agrobiological Records 11: 55-66.


Prostate malignancy is a frequent carcinoma and is the 2nd common in adult males accounting for about 3.8% of all cancer mortality in men in 2018; this has been linked to older men around 70 years old (≥70). About 2,293,818 new diagnoses are anticipated by 2040, considering the disparity in Social, environmental, and genetic factors, which also has a significant role in this disease. Geriatric syndromes are clinical state and are mostly common in elderly people, especially frail older adults; these conditions are not always associated with a certain underlying disease. The study aims to give a brief review of Prostatic Carcinoma, Geriatric diseases and also discuss the correlation between aging and prostate malignancy. As obtained from different studies, malignancy is primarily a disease of older adults, with patients over 65 accounting for most cancer diagnoses and deaths. The elongation of life is a significant challenge related to more medical conditions, and due to an increase in lifespan, the figure of elderly patients with prostate malignancy will increase. It was concluded that as we emerge from the baby boomer generation, the figure of elderly males with prostate malignancy will keep increasing. However, comprehensive geriatric evaluation and pertinent disease staging at diagnosis will aid adequately manage these patients. This method will assist us in recommending the best course of action, focusing on maintaining the quality of life.

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  • Volume : 11 (Jan-Mar 2023)
  • Pages : 55-66